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Homely Character

VI GROUP was founded in Slovakia in 2005 and nowadays belongs to the top ten development companies in the Slovak Republic. The company was founded by Richard and Juraj Duška, they are brothers, colleagues, graduates of Architecture, experienced real estate investors, and passionate urbanists. Despite fast and dynamic growth, our company has maintained a homely character up to now. We understand family needs very well and adapt all our projects to them.

Operating in the Czech Republic

The subsidiary company VI Group CZ s.r.o was founded in 2015, and it is a branch of the rapidly expanding VI GROUP, spol. s r. o.. From a small family company, we became one of the largest Slovakian developing companies. We owe our success to an experienced team of top experts in the fields of architecture, urbanism, construction, project management, engineering, marketing, and sales.

We started our activities in the Czech Republic in 2019 by realizing in present days successfully approved project VELVARIA REZIDENCE in Horoměřice, not far from Prague, with 240 flats and 5 business premises. Our other project is a flat house, Kolčavka in Prague, which is currently under construction.

The companys main line consists of development projects, mainly residential new buildings. Our goal is to realize affordable and quality housing in practically designed and imaginative buildings.

Professional team

VI Group CZ, sro, consists of an ever-growing team of architects, designers, civil engineers, economists, and marketers under the leadership of an authorized agent Gabriela Szántová, Ph.D. Our success is primarily based on people – on their expertise, experience, and helpful approach.

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in finance

For our clients, we provide full service when securing real estate financing. Our significant advantage is that we realize sales even without reservation contracts and also the sale of our properties in euros. The properties we offer are affordable, and thanks to their quality, they excel in a high quality/price ratio.

All Services

We provide complex services throughout the whole development process. From the sketch to handing over a key in your hand. From the initial creative idea in the studio through designing, obtaining permits, selling apartments, client changes, investment management, and construction implementation- the whole way to handing over a key from the finished space.

Four European markets

Professionalism and reliability concerning customers and business partners have contributed to the realization of dozens of development projects. We are a stable and searched central-European brand operating in the Czech, Slovakian, Polish, and Ukrainian markets.

Charity and Community Development

  • in 2022, the Active Life subsidiary donated a financial donation of CZK 120,000 to Charita Hvězda (Charity Hvězda),
  • in 2022, VI Group CZ donated a financial donation of CZK 5,000 to the charity DownSyndrom CZ for the support and development of children and people with Down syndrome,
  • in 2022, the VI Group CZ subsidiary Mělnická donated a financial contribution to the city of Brandýs nad Labem in the amount of CZK 2,405,000,
  • in 2022, the subsidiary company Active Life donated a kindergarten and land worth a total of CZK 13,000,000 to the municipality of Horoměřice,
  • in 2022, the subsidiary Active Life donated a sidewalk to the public transport stop worth CZK 300,000 to the municipality of Horoměřice,
  • in 2022, the subsidiary company Active Life donated networks (water supply lines, rainwater and sewage sewers) to the municipality of Horoměřice with a total value of CZK 3,600,000.